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Before you get started…

If you just wandered onto this page, you need a special code before anything will work correctly. That doesn’t mean it’s not for you, just that you need to speak with one of our sales reps so that you can set your party up right. They’ll email you your code and all the information you need to get your party going. Please refer to the Parties & Group Functions section on our About page or call 404.768.0483 for more information.

If you’ve already spoken with one of our sales reps, and received your email & code, please review the following Rules & Restrictions of Uptown Comedy, click on “I AGREE” and let all of your guests know:

  • Seating is NOT reserved… it’s SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, on a first-come, first-served basis… so try to be on time, and tell all your guests to be on time. If we’re busy you may or may not get in, and if your party is going to require more than one or two tables, you may not get to sit together. Try to arrive 45 minutes before show time.
  • The code you receive is only good for the date you request. Any changes in the date and you’ll need a new code. Just call the club and they’ll help you arrange the change.
  • If there’s a long line, you can purchase a “jump” upgrade, or you can upgrade to VIP for $10 per person. Either option will put you in the line that goes in first. Just ask the person in the ticket window.
  • All comedians and hosts are subject to change without notice. It doesn’t happen often, but they can cancel for any of a variety of reasons. However, there will always be a show… just that it may not be the comic or host that was originally advertised.
  • There is a 2 ITEM MINIMUM (food or beverage) PER PERSON inside the club, or there is a $10 surcharge for any person not meeting that minimum.
  • To enter, you must be 21 or older with a valid photo ID.
  • The dress code is proper casual attire.
  • Finally, we reserve the right to deny admission to anyone for any reason.

If you don’t understand everything, call 404.768.0483 and speak with one of the sales reps… they can answer any of your questions. AND REMEMBER… WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR PARTY LIST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE SHOW YOU ARE COMING TO… OR YOU WON’T BE ON THE LIST.