Club History

The Original Uptown Comedy Corner has been the place for live urban comedy in Atlanta and the United States for many years. We’ve had some of the biggest names in comedy grace our stage… comics including Dick Gregory, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Damon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle, Earthquake, Bruce Bruce, Mo’Nique, Mike Epps, Steve Harvey and Ricky Smiley… and they keep coming back… along with all the new faces.

Despite all the stand-up comedy on television, and all the comedy shows in the arenas and theaters, our customers continue to show that nothing compares with the up-close and personal feeling of Uptown’s main showroom… and we’d like to thank them for supporting live stand-up comedy over the past 20years. We appreciate it and will continue to deliver a quality show, along with good food and drinks.

Part of the magic of Atlanta’s Original Uptown Comedy Corner is you never know who might drop in to visit… folks like Cedric the Entertainer, Usher, SnoopDog, Jermain Dupre, Shaquille ONeal, JayZ, and TI & Tiny… On any given night you may witness a surprise visit by a national comic wanting to test new material.

You’re in for big laughs and good times.

General Rules / FAQ

  • On Street parking is available on several streets around our location. Additionally, there are three pay-to-park-lots… just drive in next to the club and the attendant will assist you. Typically, parking will cost $10 for self-parking and a little more for Valet parking. Rates may increase during special engagements or other high-traffic events.
  • The dress code is “Proper Casual Attire”… no baseball caps, no long White Tees or Sweat suits… no ‘wife-beaters’ or sagging pants… no curlers in your hair… if you need to wear sneakers, wear your good sneakers… you already know … look like you should when you go out.
  • Everyone must be 21 years of age or older with a valid photo I.D. for admittance. If you lost your I.D. get it replaced and come see us after that. No exceptions. Management reserves the right to refuse entry or service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason or no reason.
  • All seating — VIP and main floor — is on a first come first served basis… there are NO GUARANTEED SEATS. Whether you purchase your tickets online, at the ticket window, or have some form of pass, we suggest you arrive at least 15-20 minutes before show time. Many shows sell out and will have a waiting line. If you’re late you may not get a good seat, and if you’re late enough you may not get in at all.
  • From time to time there will be Special Engagements at the club, involving entertainers who typically perform only in large theatre or arena venues… people like CHRIS ROCK, MIKE EPPS, LAVELL CRAWFORD, KEVIN HART, etc… who, for one reason or another, want to come through Uptown for a limited, special engagement. These sorts of bookings will often involve contractual terms that dictate a specific price per attendee and, as such, will specify that no free passes or discounted coupons (GroupOn, Living Social, etc.) can be accepted. We apologize for the occasional inconvenience. We make every effort to ensure these Special Engagements are noted on our website, as they occur.
  • On occasion an entertainer will need to reschedule a booking because of being called to a previously contracted movie or television commitment and we are obligated to honor such commitments. We will make no refund in such situations. Instead we will honor tickets at a later date and at the same value, for the entertainer who had to reschedule, or any entertainer the customer wishes to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • With the occasional exception of a birthday cake, no food may be brought into the club. No beverage of any description may be brought into or out of the club… it’s the law.
  • There is a 2-item minimum purchase inside Uptown Comedy Corner. This minimum can be met with the purchase of any food and/or beverage combination. There is no particular requirement to purchase alcohol. There is a 15% gratuity added to every check. If you choose not to purchase two items. There will be a $10.00 service charge, plus tax.
  • We have a NO SMOKING policy in effect at all times… cigarettes, cigars, pipes… anything. If you must smoke you can go outside the club.
  • AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, most Debit Cards and Cash are accepted in the club and at the Box Office. There is an ATM inside the club… there is a charge for each transaction.
  • Entry to Uptown is at street level — as are the restrooms – and there is a code-compliant ramp upon exiting the club. If your needs involve something other than flat entry and exit, please call our offices during normal daytime hours at 404.768.0483 to discuss you specific requirements. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Parties & Group Functions

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for your friend, or in town for a convention, Uptown Comedy Corner is an ideal location for your event. Every week we accommodate corporate get-togethers, birthday & holiday parties, fund raisers, convention groups, fraternity & sorority parties… you name it.

We’re able to handle groups of 10 in semi-private setting, up to groups of 350 in a full club buy-out… and anything in between. There’s preferred VIP seating available, and discounted food & beverage packages can be arranged.

For more Information call 404.768.0483 during normal day-time hours, and speak with one our marketing reps. They’ll be happy to help you out.